Gravity 6 SaaS Boilerplate Now Available

Kyle Gawley
Kyle Gawley
Gravity Founder
Gravity 6 SaaS Boilerplate Now Available

I'm super excited to be celebrating Gravity's second birthday today with the launch of v6.

What started as a side project two years ago has now become a full-time business, thanks to the amazing and supportive customers I have.

I released v1.0 two years ago today for $99 - a basic SaaS boilerplate built with pre-async/await node with jQuery and Handlebars on the front-end - eek!

The product has matured a lot and has now helped 268 customers in over 20 countries to kickstart their SaaS businesses.

Today, I'm proud to release v6.0 - packed with new features focused on helping you increase user engagement:

  • Customisable user-onboarding flow
  • Collect user feedback in-app and view feedback reports
  • Create components right from the command line in seconds
  • Multiple-file uploads via drag & drop interface
  • New components (Toast notification, date picker, contact form + more)

As a special gift to new customers, you can get $100 off today to celebrate 😎

Thank you for your support 🙏🏻

Download The Free SaaS Boilerplate

Build a full-stack web application using React, Tailwind, Node.js and Express.